About the Charities

↠Sheaves for Christ (SFC):

SFC is a ministry of the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International. Since 1953, over $120 million has been raised to fund missions and ministries around the world. Where exactly does the money go? It goes to missionaries in the form of a vehicle to travel from point A to B with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It helps a North American missionary get a building to share the truth in their community. It supports Tupelo Children's Mansion or Lighthouse Ranch for Boys. It goes to a SFC Scholarship to help students fulfill their calling and Christian Education. It helps a family get back on their feet again through Spirit of Freedom Ministries. Sheaves for Christ is worth investing in; you can help share the gospel to the world! 

More partners are listed on site: http://sheavesforchrist.com/sfc-is/

↠Tupelo Children's Mansion:

Their mission is "to offer hope through the love of Jesus Christ to orphaned or disadvantaged children by providing their physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and educational needs . . . contributing to their health, security and happiness, and equipping them to lead productive lives." Tupelo Children's Mansion was founded in 1953 and is one of the most trusted organizations of its kind. It's located in Tupelo, Mississippi and is more than equipped to serve their mission; residence halls, a school, staff housing, and an on-campus church are all location on the property. Tupelo has some of the best caregivers with the experience, education, and training essential to caring for children. By investing in Tupelo Children's Mansion you invest in the upcoming generation. For more information on current news at the Mansion and ways to get involved, check out their website! 


↠Revival Church Building Fund:

This charity is one that I hope will revolve. I want to take the time to invest in what can change the world. At this time, Revival Church of Searcy, AR is in the process of building an activity center on to their church. This has the potential to be amazing and impact lives in the community. I believe God can and will use this to further HIS kindgom. 


Please contact me with any questions you may have. I want Meraki to get I N V O L V E D to make a difference. Even if it's a small one! Go out and get plugged in somewhere. Y O U have the power to change this generation♥